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As per our growth strategy and benefiting from our high quality standards on top of our broad products’ portfolio , export is considered as top priority for our company and we are constantly reaching out toward new markets.

We export our products to many countries and aiming to enter new markets as per our professional approach, based upon partnering with active distributors, registering our company and items, then establishing our promotional team, which will be supported by all needed training, scientific studies and marketing tools in order to deliver our products and mission to all physicians and pharmacists in targeted markets.

Also, UltraMedica Pharmaceutical Industries is proud to offer contract manufacturing services according to highest quality standards (GMP, ISO 9001, 14001 & 45001).

We invite all interested companies aiming to import our products or looking for contract manufacturing services, to contact our Export Manager as following:

E-mail and Skype: export.mgr@ultra-medica.org
Phone number 00963119961 ext 206
Mobile, Telegram and Whatsapp +963930014340